Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simplicity 2452 Blazer -- In Progress

This is what I call a Sandy Work in Progress.  Work on this blazer, like the city of New York, had to come to a crashing halt.  We did not lose electricity but we had no heat so it was impossible to sew under the covers. 

This project is special to me because even though I have tons of patterns, I usually do not make what the actual pattern suggest but rather, I mix and match them to create something that I can be pleased with.  However, I decided to try making the actual pattern this time. 

This is Simplicity Pattern 2452.  I have not made a blazer in years;   I am very much into making dresses, but I love blazers and I had a paisley piece of fabric that I thought might be a good fit. 

I got very far in making this piece.  I simply have to adjust it a little more to my size, finish the hems, and get some button holes on there which I still do not do well.  I will show you all the end result when I am finish but for now here is the Simplicity 2452 corduroy/velvet paisley blazer in progress. 

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