Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two for one...

Here's some more of the metallic silver and black theme dresses I made for the anniversary concert. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chiffon Swirl

No posts in 2013 for me but I sure did lots of work. Here's another anniversary metallic silver themed dress. 

It includes a satin metallic top with hi-low chiffon bottom and a sparkly piece of detail in the waist. This pic is not the greatest so you can't see the hi-low effect in the bottom but beautiful nevertheless. 


Fit and Flare

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve posted on here and while it would appear that I have abandoned my blog, I really haven’t.  I just have not had the chance to sit and write up a blog and we all know that time waits for no one so 2013 flew by. 


So what did I do last year? I certainly bought lots of fabric that’s for sure but I also made some pieces I really loved.  Some of them I did not get to take pics of and others the pics were not so great but nevertheless I can still show something.


Last year, my church choir had an anniversary concert so I made a couple dresses.  The colors were black and silver.  I call this dress Slim Fit Flare because it is a regular sheath dress with a flare attached.  I love this dress a lot.  The back of the dress is a silver pattern like the waistband.  Tell me what you think.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sequins and Pockets...

So we are still keeping up with the metallic silver theme and I have another great number for you. I love making dresses for young ladies; If I have the ability to assist young ladies in dressing like young ladies I'm all for it.  What the world offers as clothing for them is simply short and tight.  Young ladies ought not to bare themselves to the world. 

Now onto the dress.   This is a pocket flared dress with sequined shoulders.  I love this number.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mittens Anyone...

Here is my final post for the day....

This winter has been a bit much to handle.  As recent as last week we had weather the lowest I heard was 7 degrees.  That is what I call biting cold weather.  And interestingly enough, I was caught outside in the cold several times without gloves.  That did not make me happy at all because I cannot begin to feel warm unless my hands are warm.  So I decided even though I have gloves I will make some mittens.

So I went ino my stash of fabric again.  I found some animal print fur and some jersey fabric and got to work.  In my last couple of posts, I have been talking about going into my stash....well, I told myself that I will try my best to use all of the fabric I have at home instead of purchasing any more.  I have lots of fabric at home and really need to bring the amount way way down.... so everything I make for maybe the next month (yes that is about all I can take.  lol) will be from my stash of fabric.

In any case, here are my mittens.  What do you think?

Gotta go now/


Maroon Flare

Well, when I am back, I am definitely back.  I have been digging into my stash of fabric and I found this cute maroon somewhat striped sparkle number. 

I like sparkles, I like sequins, I like glitter, I like diamonds but not to be over the top..... I think they add a spectacular aspect to any garment.  So look out for me making some clothes with added sparkle soon. 

Anyway, back on track, so I found this fabric and immediately I knew that I wanted to make a dress with a close fitting bottom and an oversized top with slits in the sleeves.  I like when I know exactly what I want to make because all things come together so easily.   

So here is the end result of my fabric and thought ideas. 

Regrettably, I took the pic myself with my computer so I was not able to get the bottom of the dress.  However, the dress ends at my knees and it is close fitting.

Hope you enjoyed this...


SuperHeroes, Fleece and extras

Hello blog world, oh how I have missed blogging.  I am not even sure what had me so busy that I could not add a post.  I do know that I spent some time as you all know vacationing for the holidays, I did some alterations, and even sewn a couple dresses.  The problem is I took very little pics with the dresses I made.  Here's some that I did snap.

A sparkly number for the new year and a vacation dress for my niece.  In that pic we are in Barbados and my niece is attempting to get some golden apples from the tree.
     The next thing I had to deal with was my nephew bugging me to teach him to sew.  Well I decided to put some time into him and teach him to make something.  But first, he requested that I bring to life a superhero costume he drew.  I did my best; here's a pic.

 My nephew is pretty specific and detail oriented.  If you can see his drawing above he clearly wrote out what color he wanted the tights, the sleeves, designs on the sleeves and all...  The belt buckle has a huge S on it but it is not shown well in the pics.

Now we still had to think of something for him to sew.   I had some fleece material I thought would be great to use but didn't want to make the usual things with fleece like hats, scarves, etc......So, with the help of my google+ community I got some great ideas of things to make with fleece.  So we decided to make pajama pants.  Check them out.  As always I like a little extra jazz to my clothes so we included a zebra print.  He was able to cut out his fabric and bypass a regular sewing machine and go straight to the serger.  :)  So he serged his pants together.

Well that's all for now but I will try to add another post soon.