Saturday, November 3, 2012

1970s Vintage Mod Dress

Well Sandy has passed over but the after effects are enormous.  Gas seems to be the necessity of all NY residents and still there is none.  So people and cars line up waiting for hours on hours just to receive the limit mandated. 

But I am assured that my great city will get back on its feet.  So in the meantime I got myself busy again at the sewing machine.  I'm telling you there is never a reason for me to be bored because I have an outlet.  My sewing machine.  So this time I created a dress that I really really love.  It is a 1970s Mod look.  I love that era of dresses where the skirts were kinda flared the necks were high and the fabric was amazingly great quality.  I like to call it the demure era where women and their clothing portrayed confident yet sexy; Classy yet Sexy.  Sexy did not require revealing your genetic makeup.  Modesty was sexy and there is nothing wrong with bringing back an era of Modesty.

I have always wanted to make dresses that would speak to that era; the problem was getting the right fabric.   Well hooray! I finally found a piece that would qualify. 

This is what I call my 1970s Mod look.  It is a high neck collar, with a slightly flared skirt and some buttons in the middle to really bring it into the 70s era.  The design of the fabric is also quite Mod to me.  Check out this beauty.

I wish I could say check out my etsy channel; that, I will be selling them there but I can't because I have no more of this material but I can definitely create this look in a different fabric and might do just that and add to my etsy store.

Here is another view which shows the pattern a little clearer.

Thanks for looking.  Hope you like it.  Don't be afraid to leave a comment :)
I have a video of this dress on youtube.  Check it out here:

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