Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mittens Anyone...

Here is my final post for the day....

This winter has been a bit much to handle.  As recent as last week we had weather the lowest I heard was 7 degrees.  That is what I call biting cold weather.  And interestingly enough, I was caught outside in the cold several times without gloves.  That did not make me happy at all because I cannot begin to feel warm unless my hands are warm.  So I decided even though I have gloves I will make some mittens.

So I went ino my stash of fabric again.  I found some animal print fur and some jersey fabric and got to work.  In my last couple of posts, I have been talking about going into my stash....well, I told myself that I will try my best to use all of the fabric I have at home instead of purchasing any more.  I have lots of fabric at home and really need to bring the amount way way down.... so everything I make for maybe the next month (yes that is about all I can take.  lol) will be from my stash of fabric.

In any case, here are my mittens.  What do you think?

Gotta go now/


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