Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maroon Flare

Well, when I am back, I am definitely back.  I have been digging into my stash of fabric and I found this cute maroon somewhat striped sparkle number. 

I like sparkles, I like sequins, I like glitter, I like diamonds but not to be over the top..... I think they add a spectacular aspect to any garment.  So look out for me making some clothes with added sparkle soon. 

Anyway, back on track, so I found this fabric and immediately I knew that I wanted to make a dress with a close fitting bottom and an oversized top with slits in the sleeves.  I like when I know exactly what I want to make because all things come together so easily.   

So here is the end result of my fabric and thought ideas. 

Regrettably, I took the pic myself with my computer so I was not able to get the bottom of the dress.  However, the dress ends at my knees and it is close fitting.

Hope you enjoyed this...


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