Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peplum Florals

Hello again everyone,

     It feels like it has been such a long long time that I have not added a post here.  Well, whenever there is a break there must be something going on. So, it began with my new serger.  I have been serging everything.  I am really enjoying the serger and the beautiful finished look it gives to a garment. In the midst of all that I got the flu and it simply kept me in bed.....On a side note, when did we start losing all of our major brands.  I went to Walgreens to get some cough medicine and other flu remedies but could not find anything but a walgreens brand.  Instead of Robitussin it was Waltussin, wal-tapp, wal-this and wal that....what is happening.....anyway, just my observations and whoever took all the theraflu off the shelves, something has got to be done.

Now back to the regularly scheduled activities....
So, in the midst of serging everything I also forgot to take pics of my work.  No bueno! But I have been working on a dress for the past week that I had to make sure I share with you guys.  I made a peplum dress for a friend of mine that I absolutely loved.  The fabric is remarkable.  She purchased it while on a trip to Ghana.  The fabric is a tiffany like blue color with florals and traces of gold.  It is a V neck dress as you will see. I do not have a pic of the back part of the peplum (bummer--I should have taken one) but instead of the peplum going all the way around and ending at the zipper it actually ends at the back darts and is creatively sewn into the darts........some kinda wonderful.

Here is a pic of her in the dress....Tell me what you think.....

I say cayute......

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